OFF THE HOOK is a fresh new take on the classic Peter Pan! This all-ages comedy takes us from East Van to Neverland, where The Lost Boys look for a mother, The Lost Girls look for The Pirates, The Pirates look for Peter, and Peter, he’s just looking for some fun! Fly away with us on this music and dance filled adventure, be ready to ARRRR along with us and make sure you keep an eye out for the Crocodile!
OFF THE HOOK offers a magical live theatre experience for the very young and the young at heart!


#Fairytale Photo Gallery


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Thank-you to our talented photographer, Janis Nicolay, for capturing these beautiful images from our latest rehearsal and production, #Fairytale.





We Made a Short Film!

THE REVIEW, featuring the young talented performers of Project Limelight and starring Erica Carroll, Adam Greydon Reid and Louis Ferreira. Directed by Michelle Ouellet, written by Kristine Cofsky, and produced by Michelle, Kristine and Project Limelight.
Thanks to all the amazing CAST and CREW for making this possible. Check out all the credits at the end of the film!




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Project Limelight gets Happy!


Somewhere Over The Rainbow!