At Project Limelight, we want to unleash the imagination, awaken curiosity and give children the opportunity to experience the magic of applause. We have set out to develop a program that offers youth living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside a safe place to build an artistic community.

Project Limelight is open to young people aged 8 to 15 in the Strathcona district. Each session is four months long and runs 3 days a week. The first month is spent learning skills, techniques and forms of expression, including clowning, creative writing, voice work, movement and improvisation.  The following three months are spent rehearsing a full-length theatrical production, leading up to a final performance on a community stage, giving participants the opportunity to showcase everything they have accomplished.

Each workshop is spent bringing the kids together in different scenarios so by the end of the first month they are a tightly knit group ready to take on the hurdles of a production. Instructors are experts in their fields, bringing unique experience and energy to the program. Project Limelight works with creative professionals who want to pass their skills and their passion on to the next generation by creating a fun-filled environment that inspires kids to express themselves.

The focus at Project Limelight is on enthusiasm and passion, and the vision is to create a community of support for young people as they make their way through their most formative years.